The submission process and information for authors

The editorial board informs that “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” are considered a violation of scientific integrity. The editorial board will inform the institutions employing the authors, as well as any scientific associations, editor associations etc. of which they are members, of such violations.

Manuscripts are submitted via e-mail. Articles must be accompanied by the Author’s statement. Before submitting the manuscript, please read the information for authors.

Stages of the editorial process:

1. Manuscript submission.
2. Initial evaluation of the manuscript by a section editor or the editor-in-chief.
3. Informing the author whether the manuscript has been rejected or accepted for further processing.
4. Sending the manuscripts to reviewers.
5. Forwarding the review to authors using the review form.
6. Authors’ response to the reviews and modification of the manuscript.
7. Sending the manuscript for proofreading.
8. Correction of the manuscript by authors.
9. Sending the manuscript for typesetting.
10. Authors’ final approval of the manuscript.
11. Publication.


Information for authors

Author’s statement

Internal structure of the article